Dude! These 4 high school students (yes high school students!!) started a company for storing medical records using blockchain technology! #FeelingInadequate Check it out at https://reblock.tech. #bizofblockchain #BosBlockchainWeek

Tarek Tabbara

None other than experienced @jaylstevens calls high school team’s blockchain ideas one of best he’s seen. Project: Using secure blockchain to manage medical research. High praise for kids from Acton Boxborough Regional High School. @bitcoinmktjrnl #bostonblockchainweek.

Patrick Houston

Yep. Definitely the future. High school students pitching their blockchain project at @babson as part of #bostonblockchainweek

Patrick Houston


Introducing our flagship product: reBlock, a better scientific study managment system powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Scientific advancement, previously held back by bureaucracy and secrecy, can be solved through open and distributed technology.

Research studies serve to validate strategies, treatments, and devices to prove they are beneficial to humans. They open the pathway for innovation and an understanding of new diseases or methods.

Yet, even with their importance to scientific advancement, less than 10% of them end up being published, even after extensive development, due to extreme costs. Unfortunately, innovation in the methods used to run these studies has stagnated, which costs trials $600,000–$8 million per day to manage data.

reBlock aims to cut down on these malicious costs and innovate this area. Check out the website to learn more, and see our future plans.

About Scintillating

Scintillating: Clever, Amusing, Exciting

from Latin scintilationem

Scintillating is a company headed by a group of young, entrepreneurial leaders who are dedicated to working towards a beneficial change to current systems through the power of the Ethereum blockchain. Based in Massachusetts, our core belief comes from producing qualilty, quantity and speed, but value quality over all else.

Our Founding Team

Kevin Liu

Kevin Liu

Chief Technology Officer

  • Introduced to Ethereum and the blockchain in 2015
  • Free software and decentralization advocate
  • Worked with a Kubernetes cluster used to scale web servers
  • Experienced in React, Redux, and Solidity
Kunal Sharda

Kunal Sharda

Chief Executive Officer · Visionary

  • Experienced through startups and business plan competitions
  • Has multiple certifications in programming across different frameworks
  • Competed in the National Circuit for Public Speaking
  • Avidly interested in medical technology and computer science, which fueled his ideas behind reBlock
William Hemond

William Hemond

Chief Operating Officer

  • Has a constant passion for all things technology, math, and science
  • Heard of cryptocurrency and was initially skeptical, but grew intrigued over time.
  • Worked in management positions, and is ideal for internal operations
Aneesh Edara

Aneesh Edara

VP of Finance

  • Substantially interested in block-chain and machine learning
  • Experienced in numbers and schema his entire life
  • Has worked on a variety of products, using his skills to create a noticeable difference in one's life
Dylan Kim

Dylan Kim

VP of Product Mangement

  • Avidly interested in product design and execution
  • Hosted programming lessons for local children, and an active member of the local robotics team.
  • Discovered the extensive possibiities of the Blockchain and is helping on one such innovation
Aviral Mishra

Aviral Mishra

VP of Marketing

  • Talented debater and advertising enthusiast
  • Pitched distributed applications at several hackathons
  • Committed to removing censorship using the blockchain

Mentors and Advisory

Sunil Ravipati

Sunil Ravipati

Mentor and Advisor

  • Worked in startups such as BEA and Alum.ni. Held top position at Oracle
  • Involved with security, blockchain as well as bootstrapped a SaaS based CTM
  • Not only brings technical, engineering, sales and leadership skills but also an ability to connect with people to bring success as a team
Pillar VC

Pillar VC

Mentorship through MIT

  • Aligns incentives and interests and aligning capabilities with needs
  • Delivers the breadth and depth of experience
  • Gathered a dream team of unbelievably talented CEOs as co-founders
Mintz Levin

Mintz Levin

Legal Advisory Team

  • Full service, general law firm with more than 500 attorneys and 8 offices
  • Internationally based in the United States and the UK

Scintillating in the News

Speaking At Babson College

Second Place at the MIT Bitcoin Competition

Our Presentation

Frequently Asked Questions

Aren't you guys high schoolers?

Okay, yes.

However, don't underestimate us! We've been to and won several hackathons, and have extensive experience not just with programming, but also managing long-term development and marketing. Further, some of us have experience working with startups and in leadership positions, so we aren't entirely new to ths process. We're highly motivated to work on this project, and we plan to dedicate ourselves full-time to Scintillating over the summer and the coming years.

We are also supported by professionals who have extensive experience in entrepreneurship and blockchain.

Are you doing an ICO?

Due to the unclear legal framework for ICOs in the United States and the negative attitude that the wider crypto community has toward them, we are cautious about holding one. However, we are exploring other types of investment; if you are interested, please get in touch.

Does your product, reBlock, actually work?

Yes. We have implemented the baseline functionality for end-to-end study management using an Ethereum smart contract, and we plan to implement further features, including study analytics and encryption, in the coming months.

All of our development is managed on GitLab — check it out if you are interested!

Are you researchers?

We aren't researchers ourselves, but have connections with people in this field. We are getting their input, and if you want to help, make sure to contact us.

Get in Touch

To get in touch, email us at [email protected] or join our Discord!